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When I was a kid most photo shoots took place at the local mall where you would go to JCPenney, Sears, or go to Kmart and your mother would select from a variety of backgrounds, Then for 15-30 minutes you would sit on a box covered with some kind of rug where a  trained staff member would take your photo. In high school, I remember getting my photos taken at a local studio for my senior portraits. It wasn’t very common to see family photographers work outside of the studio except at weddings.  So much has changed in the world of photography over the course of the last 20 years.  I remember when the first DSLRs came out on the market.  They were great at producing images that could be downloaded onto one’s computer, but the quality just wasn’t there and I resisted getting one for a few years because I knew the technology was going to change rapidly. Along with the rapid development of DSLR cameras, the switch from indoor to outdoor photography also became popular. Today you can hire a photographer for just about any type of event; however, not all photographers are qualified to take pictures in any type of situation.  There is a huge difference in taking photos in natural light outdoors and taking indoor photos or at night. Here are a couple tips when looking for the right photographer for your special event.  1) Ask your photographer if they have ever shot in that type of environment you are wishing to hire them for.  An event at night requires special equipment.  2) Depending on the size of the event, does the photographer have other photographers who work with them helping them to capture the event from every angle. 3) Ask to see their work.  4)  Settle on a fee for the number of hours you want covered at the event.  This is really important because while you may think it is a given that the photographer is going to be at the event  from start to finish this is not always the case.  5. Discuss with your photographer what images are really important. The photographer isn’t going to know that you had your heart set upon getting images of you and your grandma together for example without you telling them.  Recently, my husband and I hired a photographer to take our family portraits. We hadn’t had one taken of all of us in a very long . Prior to the session, I let the photographer know what images were really important in capturing. This communication directed the photographer in knowing where to spend his time during the shoot. 6) Discuss images in regards to does the photographer have a set number of images they are going to give you and do you have to pay for additional images or will the photographer give you all of the images.  7) Last but not least, no event is too small. Hiring a photographer to cover a birthday party or a communion allows you to enjoy your event. Let the photographer do the work while you have fun.







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