My Philosophy

My goal is to capture the magic that exists in the spaces between tantrums and homework and piano lessons and bedtime. The raw beauty of relationships, the fleeting moments of childhood, the magic of tiny new life. With each photo shoot, I want to tell a story of who people are (big and little) and what they mean to each other.  A photograph captures only the present moment, not the moment before when someone pulled their sister’s hair or the moment after when someone threw a fit because they didn’t want to put pants on.  It doesn’t capture the shrieks or the stomping off. It just freezes the now, allows us to step back and look into our lives from the outside.  And sometimes it’s from the outside that we have the clearest view.

I know family photo shoots can be STRESSFUL!  Getting everyone together, happy and looking decent all at the same moment usually takes a small miracle.   I’ll do everything I can to put you at ease, because, really the best photographs come when families are enjoying each other.

My Approach

  • I want to tell the story of your family.  Who you are right now.  How you are growing.  The glistening and perfect stuff along with the grit and the perfectly imperfect stuff.  While I always take several traditional shots with the subjects looking at the camera, I find my favorite images are those that capture family connections and emotions candidly, as they unfold in a particular moment.  I typically suggest that photo shoots happen at a time and in a place where you can relax and enjoy each other.  That’s when the magic happens.
  • A typical session includes a variety of setups: family portraits, individual portraits of each child, portraits of siblings together, mom with child/children, dad with child/children, and shots of mom and dad together.
  • I am happy to suggest locations and set-ups but want to be sure to capture any that have special meaning for your family.  Before your session, we talk over the phone about what you’re most interested in capturing, what your priorities are and together we create a vision, brainstorm ideas and come up with a plan for how our time together can bring out the best in everyone.
  • My goal is not to create one or two perfect images. Instead, I aim to capture and create a collection of images that portray who you really are, who your children are and the connection and love that you share.


Sessions can range from 30 minutes -3 hrs.

Beginning prices start at $99 for a Head Shot (1 person) that includes 5 digital images emailed directly to you via a secured website for viewing or on an archival CD.

Pregnancy Session $175  sessions run 30-45 minutes and produce 10-15 digital edited images emailed to you directly via a secured website and archival CD

Newborn Session $250  /sessions usually run from 60 minutes to two hours and up to 25-30 edited photos emailed to you directly via a secured website or an archival CD

Family Sessions 30min/60min/90min $150, $200, $250 with the number of images depending on the length of the session.  All images edited and emailed to you directly via a secured website or on an archival CD. up to 5 people $20 for each additional person.

Senior Portraits $225 includes 15-25 digital images emailed to you directly via a secured website or on an archival CD.

We can also create a custom package to meet your needs! Let’s talk! [email protected] or call me at 678-858-8172